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Since 2013 May
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  A job with signal effect: As project leaders for the area digital display systems I worry for that that travellers on more than 500 railway stations in Berlin, Brandenburg, Hessen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein always on the newest state above ...  
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The propellant of every innovation is experience. Values can arise only through them from visions and products successful from projects. Since 25 years advises and I look after enterprises from the industry, commercial and service branch as well as official institutions in the whole computing and IT field. In this case I rely on destination-leading approaches with efficiency and structure. And through the management of my own company I am even responsible for sales and prices.
The digital world puts challenges' being tight more fully for me. Since the eighties she has invented itself again and again. One thing, however, does not change itself also in her: Experience and know-how only arise, if they increased time. For example in this manner: My development in the retrospektiv




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