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Consultation & planning
• Networks general (Operating system, costs, advantages, risks etc.)
• Support during the planning and creation of networks
• Consultation & planning to WLAN networks
• Branch connections via VPN
• Virtualization
• Safeguarding against failure and data protection, data protection
IT service management
• take a secure and conversion of processes in the IT use
• To steering wheels of the relationships to internal and external service providers
• Level one of the necessary equipment
• Would go on of audits and safety checks
• make project coordination and –communication
Project management
• Supplement- and claim management
• Deadlinecontrolling
• Change management
• Controlling & Reporting
• Project coordination and –communication
• Planning and assembly management
• Technical consultation
• Head from projects according to the conditions of the task, that is to plan, control
  and operate in order to keep to performance, costs and deadlines
Other services
• Quality control of external service providers
• Reliable and precise action after pre-set processes
• Recognition and evaluation of risks and introduction of suitable measures
• Documentation of the project progress in more detailed, more standardized and more  
  understandable Form
Since 2013 May
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  A job with signal effect: As project leaders for the area digital display systems I worry for that that travellers on more than 500 railway stations in Berlin, Brandenburg, Hessen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein always on the newest state above ...  
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