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from 05/2013

DB Station&Service AG project leader digital display systems for Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Schleswig-Holstein and Hessen

  • Guarantee the transfer of DSA projects (Dynamic writing indicators) on railway stations of the German railways in a defined area (North east)
  • Costs, deadline and quality-framing regard of all technical frame and standard specifications of the approved one
  • Station check for more than 500 railway stations
  • Creation plan notebook for Eisenbahnbundesamt, stock allowance of the locations
  • Creation of offer inquiries, evaluation and assignment
  • Supervision and coordination, decrease of the arrangement

From 06/2011
To 06/2012


ALSTOM Power Boiler GmbH
IS & T site management

  • Conversion of processes in the IT use on
  • Power station construction sites
  • To control the relationships to internal and external service providers
  • Plan the necessary equipment on new construction sites
  • Make IT audits and security checks
  • Project coordination and –communication

From 03/2011
To 04/2011


AWO Pflege GmbH
Planning / expansion of the IT infrastructure

  • Planning and realization management of the LAN passive part's
  • Deadline controlling
  • Planning the TCP/IP network, DHCP, DNS, ADS and Policies
  • Project coordination and –communication
  • Planning- and management of the Rollout

From 05/2008
To 03/2011

BWI IT GmbH in order of the Esmarch Datentechnik GmbH, Munich
Planning and realization manager in the HERKULES project

  • Supplement- and claim management
  • Deadline controlling
  • Change management
  • Controlling & Reporting
  • Project coordination and –communication
  • Assessments and planning services according to technical specifications
  • Planning and assembly management
  • Technical consultation and decrease
From 1999
To 2011

Self-employed IT service company with 8 employees in the area of Rostock, Güstrow, Bützow, Teterow
  • Stadtverwaltung Teterow
  • Planning, consultation to data processing system
  • Stadt Güstrow
    School administration and social office
  • Planning/one direction and configuration of networks at several schools of the city of Güstrow as well as her internet accessibility
  • approx. 4 years of realization of training courses in the adult education to different topic complexes
  • Landkreis Güstrow
  • Planning and design of the passive LAN infrastructure
  • AWO Pflege gGmbH
  • Planning and design of the active and passive LAN infrastructure
Since 2013 May
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  A job with signal effect: As project leaders for the area digital display systems I worry for that that travellers on more than 500 railway stations in Berlin, Brandenburg, Hessen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein always on the newest state above ...  
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